What are OCs?

The OCs are responsible for delivering the management and maintenance of the trunk road network in each Unit, working under contract to Transport Scotland. During the reporting year 2009/10, the OCs for each Unit were: BEAR for NE and SE, Scotland TranServ for NW and Amey for SW.

What do the OCs do on the network?

The OCs oversee, coordinate and undertake cyclic and routine maintenance, winter service and emergency response. In addition, they undertake structural road maintenance, bridge strengthening and maintenance, road structures inspection, road safety and minor improvement schemes.

What else do the OCs do?

The OCs also oversee and coordinate maintenance works carried out by contractors and coordinate works by utility companies (statutory undertakers).

The OCs:

• undertake day-to-day management of the Unit
• provide professional and design services
• carry out surveys, inspections and supervision
• manage their allocated budgets
• report to Transport Scotland.

What work is not done by the OCs?

Some maintenance and information management services carried out on the network are not the OCs’ responsibility.

These include:

• Maintenance of M74/A74(M) from junction 12 to the Scottish border; this is the responsibility of Autolink under the terms of the M6 DBFO project.
• Maintenance of M77 PPP project; this is the responsibility of Connect.
• Maintenance of M80 DBFO project; this contract started in mid March 2009 and is the responsibility of Highway Management (Scotland) Ltd
• Maintenance of Traffic Scotland equipment such as variable message signs, emergency telephones, permanent speed cameras and associated cabling.
•Collection of traffic data and maintenance of counting equipment.
• Major trunk road improvements built by contractors appointed by Transport Scotland. Maintenance responsibility for these improvements is split between the contractor and the OC for a set period, up to five years, prior to full responsibility passing to the OCs.

This report does not include these other maintenance organisations.


Where can I find out more about the management and maintenance of the M6 DBFO, M77 PPP and M80 DBFO projects?

For M6, contact:

Autolink Concessionaires (M6) plc
M6 DBFO Project Office Nethercleugh
DG11 2SQ

For M77, contact:

Connect M77/GSO plc
Connect Roads Operations Centre
Maidenhill Interchange
Ayr Road
G77 6RT

For M80, contact:

Public Liaison Office
Highways Management
( Scotland) Ltd
11 Mollins Court
Westfield Industrial Estate
G68 9HP